Exposed Skin Care Review

The Exposed Skin Care System has been popping up everywhere online, with reviewers raving about their excellent results.

Founded in 2002 in Seattle, the company’s products were developed under the basic principles of science and nature with the aim to reduce the appearance and growth of acne within 30 days.

With dermatologists, naturopaths, and cosmetologists’ expertise, the Exposed Skin Care formula targets acne’s four main causes. The team of developers has looked worldwide, seeking the best of the best in natural ingredients.

In this article, we’ll evaluate the Exposed Skin Care reviews of products and how they work to eliminate the appearance of acne on the skin.

Why Exposed Skin Care Works So Well

According to the Mayo Clinic, acne on the skin occurs as an oily substance called sebum, and an accumulation of dead skin cells clog our facial pores. As our skin is then exposed to bacteria from our environment, this can trigger inflammation, worsening the skin condition.

The Exposed Skin Care line works to repair and rejuvenate skin while treating and preventing acne breakouts simultaneously. It does so by targeting the four leading causes of acne: clogged pores, bacteria, oily skin, and redness.

The system opens up clogged pores with ingredients in its cleansers like benzoyl peroxide and tea tree extracts. A powerful combination of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and other ingredients then fight against the acne-causing bacteria.

In order to soothe the redness, dryness, and irritation, moisturizing products with passionflower and sage extract are then applied. Lastly, using vitamin B5 and green tea extract, the Exposed Skin Care line regulates the skin’s oil production, preventing future sebum from clogging up pores.

The line’s effectiveness lies in two main methods, skin exfoliation and chemical and natural acne treatment. The use of both natural and chemical compounds is what sets this line apart from its competitors. Herbal blends in each product in the line also improve skin complexion, appearance, and overall health.

The gentle, natural ingredients allow the already damaged skin to heal while the chemical components alleviate and prevent the presence of acne.

Exposed Skin Care

How To Used Exposed Skin Care As A Daily Routine

If you’re new to Exposed Skin Care, you will want to establish a consistent routine. You’ll begin by applying the cleanser, tonic, and serum in the mornings and the cleanser, tonic, serum, and moisturizer in the evenings.

To apply, you’ll want to be gentle, as rubbing or scratching can further irritate the skin. It’s important to use the products twice a day consistently. Remember, you may have an adjustment period where your skin may appear to be worse before it gets better. This is normal, and during this period, it’s essential to start off with just a small amount of serum before working your way up.

List of All Products Available From Exposed Skin Care (Updated: May 2021)

Now that you’ve got a good sense of what chemical and natural ingredients the Exposed Skin Care line is made with, let’s discuss the line itself and what sort of products they offer.

Facial Cleanser

Like any cleanser, the Exposed Skin Care facial cleanser’s primary function is to remove dirt and oils from your face. This gentle cleanser removes dirt, oils, and acne-causing bacteria from the surface of the skin and beyond and deep within the pores.

The cleanser works with active ingredients salicylic acid, sage extract, and vitamin B5 to get deep within your skin. It’s also soap-free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and paraben-free.

Clearing Tonic

The Clearing Tonic works to remove blackheads and whiteheads in the skin. Unlike most tonics, the Exposed Skin Care Clearing Tonic doesn’t use alcohol as its primary ingredient to reduce inflammation or the presence of oils. While alcohol can be effective in the short term, it can actually stimulate more oil production with prolonged use.

Instead, the Clearing Tonic uses witch hazel extract, which has calming benefits for the skin when used over an extended amount of time. Green tea and passionflower extracts are also active ingredients in the Clearing Tonic that help fight acne-causing bacteria.

Acne Treatment Serum

Once applied, the Acne Treatment Serum provides a protective layer against dirt or bacteria, allowing the products’ healing properties to work while preventing anything from entering your pores. The serum also balances the pH and hormone levels that exist in the skin.

The serum’s effectiveness comes with its balance of natural and chemical ingredients. The intensity of the benzoyl peroxide prevents further acne from forming on the skin, while natural ingredients like tea tree oil, glycerin, and green tea extract soothe and moisturize your skin.

Clear Pore Serum

While Acne Treatment Serum aims to add a protective layer over the skin, the Clear Pore Serum aims to restore and repair your skin. When applied before bed, the serum restores your skin overnight to a healthy, glowy state.

The salicylic acid unclogs and minimizes the appearance of your pores, while the witch hazel extract helps soothe any irritation or redness.

Moisture Complex

While many believe that moisturizers will cause oily skin to break out even further, this is not always the case with the right moisturizer for your skin type.

The Moisture Complex moisturizer is oil-free and works to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin without leaving it too greasy. It also prevents our external environment from contributing to further breakouts.

Silicone is the primary ingredient in the Moisture Complex, which helps lock in moisture and counteracts the drying effects of acne-fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide. It also includes green tea extract to encourage skin regenerations and repair skin cells.

Clarifying Mask

The Clarifying Mask should be used up to 1 to 2 times weekly. It absorbs excess oils from the skin while washing away impurities that make your skin imbalanced.

The mask is made up of charcoal, bentonite clay, and sulfur to rid your skin of toxins and other impurities. It also includes resorcinol, an antiseptic that kills acne-causing bacteria.

Microderm Scrub

The Microderm Scrub is where exfoliation is incorporated into the Exposed Skin Care system. By exfoliating your skin, dead skin cells are removed together with bacteria and excess oils. It also allows your skin to feel rejuvenated, reducing any appearance of dullness.

The scrub’s exfoliating properties come from tiny microcrystals made from aluminum oxide, often used in microdermabrasion treatments. These microcrystals can help reduce the appearance of scarring or other marks caused by acne.

If your skin is sensitive, we recommend using the scrub only a few times weekly, as excessive use can cause rawness and dry out the skin.

Derm-X Cloth

The Derma-X Cloth is an exclusive item available in the Exposed Skin Care Treatment Kit. Much like the Microderm Scrub, the Derm-X cloth facilitates the process of microdermabrasion and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Probiotic Complex

The Probiotic Complex is a supplement that promotes healthy skin from the inside out. While topical treatments can do wonders for acne-prone skin, the root of the problem starts with what’s happening on the inside.

Using detoxifying properties, the Probiotic Complex aims to boost your immune system, providing long-term health benefits that will show through your skin.

Body Wash

The Exposed Skin Care Body Wash is a cleansing wash that eliminates breakouts that occur on areas of the body apart from your face. Acne can often generate on the back and chest for many individuals.

The body wash contains natural ingredients and exfoliators to help your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

What are Exposed Skin Care’s Active Ingredients

All of the active chemical and natural ingredients in the Exposed Skin Care system are FDA approved and have undergone testing to ensure safety upon application on the skin. However, it’s always essential to test each product on a small section of your skin first in case you have a reaction to any of the ingredients listed.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is commonly used in prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments. Its primary function is to stabilize the natural oil production in our skin which is a leading cause of acne breakouts. It also kills the bacteria that live on the several layers of skin, including deep within our pores.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a mild but fast-acting acid that shrinks our pores’ size, decreasing the chances of having them clogged or inflamed again.

Like Benzoyl Peroxide, the salicylic acid also kills the bacteria already within our pores as it tightens them up.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is traditionally used in skin products to fight against aging by breaking down old skin cells and rebuilding new ones. It also helps rebuild the collagen already present in the body to strengthen the skin as it regenerates.

Azelaic Acid

Acne-causing bacteria thrive in the dead skin that can build up around hair follicles. Azelaic acid helps to open up these hair follicles so that dead skin cells’ buildup can be avoided. This reduces the growth of bacteria as well as acne.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants known to reduce acne’s appearance and scarring on the skin. While consistently drinking green tea can help as well, topically applying it will deliver faster results.

Passion Flower Extract

Passion Flower is a natural plant known to reduce inflammation in the body and can also deter hormonal acne from forming in adults.

The anti-inflammatory properties can also soothe breakouts and redness.

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice root is known historically as an ingredient to repair skin problems. It’s great at gently soothing sensitive skin and also reduces oil production and the appearance of scarring.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has various benefits, especially for the skin. The natural properties of tea tree oil allow it to act as an antibiotic and antifungal Exposed Acne treatment.

Tea tree oil is typically very concentrated, and even a diluted application of this essential oil will kill bacteria in the skin while also toning the face.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a regularly used plant that soothes, calms, and hydrates the skin from redness and irritation.

Sage extract

The sage extract acts as an antioxidant that generates healthy and strengthened skin cells. It may also calm irritated or dehydrated skin.


Sulfur is a commonly avoided natural chemical due to its abrasive nature on sensitive skin. However, it can be very effective as an acne treatment in moderate doses. It acts as a drying agent that aims to absorb excess oil in the pores.

Combined with lots of hydrating ingredients, the sulfur in the Exposed Skin Care line is safe to use even on sensitive skin.


The following are some answers to commonly asked questions people have regarding the Exposed Skin Care line and its effectiveness.

How Fast Will I Begin to See Results?

Like most acne treatments, results vary from person to person based on skin type and other factors. You should use the products for a minimum of two to four weeks before noticing any results. You will likely see a significant reduction in further growth of acne before noticing any repair of current acne, which usually takes a minimum of 30 days to occur.

Is Exposed Skin Care Safe?

Due to the balance of natural ingredients to offset the intensity of chemically active ingredients, the Exposed Skin Care line is deemed safe. All components are FDA approved and aim to improve your skin condition without being too harsh.

How Will These Products Feel on My Skin?

The Exposed Skin Care product line is formulated to feel light and airy without being too oily, greasy, or heavy on the skin. People with oily or combination skin reported the products to feel comfortable and hydrating. Some have said it can feel a bit drying at first, but allow your skin to adapt, and the drying feeling will subside.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Like most acne and skincare regimens, consistency is key. The effects of Exposed Skin Care can be permanent as long as you follow and keep up the routine. It also helps to ensure your diet is healthy to reduce the presence of toxins in your body that cause acne. Using the product line combined with drinking lots of water and eating healthy can prolong the results.

Is the Exposed Skin Care System Easy to Use?

Yes, the Exposed Skin Care system is relatively simple to use. The instructions and steps are very clearly indicated in the kit. Be careful not to use certain products such as the Microderm Scrub or the Clarifying Mask too often as they can severely dehydrate the skin when used excessively.

Final Thoughts on the Exposed Skin Care System

The Exposed Skin Care product line is producing some serious results for individuals with acne who feared they would be out of options. While the results will vary from person to person based on skin type, diet, and severity of the acne, the combination of both natural and chemically active ingredients makes this skincare line ahead of its competitors.